JPCRE2  10.32.01
C++ wrapper for PCRE2 library
testcovme.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "jpcre2.hpp"
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Detailed Description

Simulating and discussing various erroneous situations.

This program will always exit with non-zero exit status.

//~ #define NDEBUG
#include <iostream>
#include "jpcre2.hpp"
typedef jp::String String;
String toString (int x){
char buf[128];
int written = std::sprintf(buf, "%d", x);
JPCRE2_ASSERT(written > 0, "IOError: Failed to write into buffer during int to string conversion.");
return String(buf);
String callback0(void*, void*, void*){
return "dummy";
String callback1(const jp::NumSub& m1, void*, void*){
return "("+m1[0]+")";
String callback2(void*, const jp::MapNas& m2, void*){
return "(""total")+")";
String callback3(const jp::NumSub& m1,const jp::MapNas& m2, void*){
jp::MapNas mn2 = m2;
return "("+m1[0]+"/"+mn2["total"]+")";
String callback4(void*, void*, const jp::MapNtN& m3){
jp::MapNtN mn3 = m3;
return "("+toString(mn3["total"])+")";
String callback5(const jp::NumSub& m1, void*, const jp::MapNtN& m3){
jp::MapNtN mn = m3;
return "("+m1[0]+"/"+toString(mn["total"])+")";
String callback6(void*, const jp::MapNas& m2, const jp::MapNtn& m3){
jp::MapNas mn2 = m2;
jp::MapNtN mn3 = m3;
return "("+mn2["total"]+"/"+toString(mn3["total"])+")";
String callback7(const jp::NumSub& m1, const jp::MapNas& m2, const jp::MapNtn& m3){
jp::MapNas mn2 = m2;
jp::MapNtN mn3 = m3;
return "("+m1[0]+"/"+mn2["total"]+"/"+toString(mn3["total"])+")";
int main(){
jp::Regex re("(?<total>\\w+)", "n");
String s3 = "I am a string 879879 fdsjkll ১ ২ ৩ ৪ অ আ ক খ গ ঘ";
jp::MatchEvaluator cme(callback1);
//the following nreplace() performs a new match populating NumSub and MapNas because of callback3:
std::cout<<"\n\n### callback3: \n"<<cme.setCallback(callback3).nreplace();
//Now you can use either one of callback1, callback2 or callback3 without performing a new match,
//as the required vectors NumSub and MapNas are both populated.
std::cout<<"\n\n### callback2: \n"<<cme.setCallback(callback2).nreplace(false);
//jp::callback::eraseFill function initiates all vectors (kinda like callback7). Thus, the following
//populates all vectors. It erases the matched part/s from the subject string.
std::cout<<"\n\n### default callback: \n"<<cme.setCallback(jp::callback::eraseFill).nreplace();
//After populating all vectors, you can use any type of callback without performing the match again.
//The following (uncomment if you wanna test) will give you assertion failure, because the callback1 only populates NumSub vector,
//but callback2 requires pre-exisiting (due to the 'false' argument to nreplace()) MapNas data:
std::cout<<"\n\n### callback2: \n"<<cme.setCallback(callback2).nreplace(false); //Assertion failure.
return 0;
Md Jahidul Hamid
class Map< String, SIZE_T > MapNtN
Substring name to Substring number map.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1259
static String eraseFill(NumSub const &num, MapNas const &nas, MapNtN const &ntn)
Callback function that removes the matched part/s in the subject string and takes all match vectors a...
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:2022
MapNtN MapNtn
Allow spelling mistake of MapNtN as MapNtn.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1268
#define JPCRE2_ASSERT(cond, msg)
class Map< String, String > MapNas
Map for Named substrings.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1257
Main header file for JPCRE2 library to be included by programs that uses its functionalities....
std::basic_string< Char_T > String
Typedef for string (std::string, std::wstring, std::u16string, std::u32string).
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1253
Provides public constructors to create Regex object.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:3550
std::vector< String > NumSub
Vector for Numbered substrings (Sub container).
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1271
struct to select the types.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1238
This class inherits RegexMatch and provides a similar functionality.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:2135