JPCRE2  10.32.01
C++ wrapper for PCRE2 library
test_match.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "jpcre2.hpp"
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Detailed Description

An example of performing regex match against a pattern with JPCRE2 and getting the match count and match results. Shows how to iterate over the match results to get the captured groups/substrings.

#include <iostream>
#include "jpcre2.hpp"
int main(){
jp::VecNum vec_num; //Vector to store numbered substring vectors.
jp::VecNas vec_nas; //Vector to store named substring Maps.
jp::VecNtN vec_ntn; //Vector to store Named substring to Number Maps.
//Compile the pattern
//Different name for the same group is permitted (deviation from the PCRE2 spec 10.21):
re.setPattern("((?<spc>[.?#@])|(?<w_s>\\w+))\\s*(?<digit>\\d+)") //set pattern
.setModifier("minJ") //set modifier
.addJpcre2Option(jpcre2::JIT_COMPILE) //perform JIT compile
.addPcre2Option(0) //add pcre2 option
.compile(); //Finally compile it.
re.setModifier("fdsfsd"); //creating an invalid modifier error
std::cerr<<re.getErrorMessage()<<"\terror number: "<<re.getErrorNumber();
// JIT error is a harmless, it just means that an optimization failed.
//subject string
std::string subject = "(I am a string with words and digits 45 and specials chars: ?.#@ 443 অ আ ক খ গ ঘ 56)";
size_t count = 0;
count = rm.setRegexObject(&re) //set associated Regex object
.addModifier("gi") //set various parameters
//'invalid modifier: i' error (i is a compile modifier)
//modifier error is harmless
.setSubject(subject) //...
.setNumberedSubstringVector(&vec_num) //...
.setNamedSubstringVector(&vec_nas) //...
.setNameToNumberMapVector(&vec_ntn) //...
.addPcre2Option(0) //...
.match(); //Finally perform the match
// re.reset(); // re-initialize re
std::cout<<"\nTotal number of mathces: "<<count<<std::endl;
//Now let's access the matched data
//Each of these vectors contains maps, except the VecNum which contains vectors.
//Each element in the vector specifies a particular match
//First match is the vector element 0, second is at index 1 and so forth
//A map or sub vector for a vector element, i.e for a match, contains all of its substrings/captured groups
//The first element of the map or sub vector is capture group 0 i.e total match
for(size_t i=0;i<vec_num.size();++i){
std::cout<< "\n################## Match no: "<<i+1<<" ####################\n";
//This vector contains vectors of substrings or captured group index by index.
std::cout<< "\n--- Numbered Substrings (number: substring) for match "<<i+1<<" ---\n";
for(size_t j=0;j<vec_num[i].size();++j){
std::cout<<"\n\t"<<j<<": "<<vec_num[i][j]<<"\n";
//This vector contains maps with name as the key and the corresponding substring as the value
std::cout<< "\n--- Named Substrings (name: substring) for match "<<i+1<<" ---\n";
for(jp::MapNas::iterator ent=vec_nas[i].begin();ent!=vec_nas[i].end();++ent){
std::cout<<"\n\t"<<ent->first<<": "<<ent->second<<"\n";
//This vector contains maps with name as the key and number as the value
//i.e the number (of substring) can be accessed with the name for named substring.
std::cout<< "\n--- Name to number mapping (name: number/position) for match "<<i+1<<" ---\n";
for(jp::MapNtN::iterator ent=vec_ntn[i].begin();ent!=vec_ntn[i].end();++ent){
std::cout<<"\n\t"<<ent->first<<": "<<ent->second<<"\n";
return 0;
Md Jahidul Hamid
std::vector< NumSub > VecNum
Vector of matches with numbered substrings.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1279
Perform JIT compilation for optimization.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:154
Main header file for JPCRE2 library to be included by programs that uses its functionalities....
Provides public constructors to create Regex object.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:3550
struct to select the types.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1238
std::vector< MapNtN > VecNtN
Vector of substring name to substring number map.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1275
Provides public constructors to create RegexMatch objects.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1375
std::vector< MapNas > VecNas
Vector of matches with named substrings.
Definition: jpcre2.hpp:1273