JPCRE2  10.31.02
C++ wrapper for PCRE2 library
jpcre2 Namespace Reference

Top level namespace of JPCRE2. More...


 Namespace for error codes.
 Namespace to provide information about JPCRE2 library itself.


class  Modifier
 Class to take a std::string modifier value with null safety. More...
class  ModifierTable
 Lets you create custom modifier tables. More...
struct  select
 struct to select the types. More...


 Used for match count and vector size. More...
typedef uint32_t Uint
 Used for options (bitwise operation) More...
typedef uint8_t Ush
 8 bit unsigned integer. More...
typedef std::vector< SIZE_TVecOff
 vector of size_t. More...
typedef std::vector< UintVecOpt
 vector for Uint option values. More...


enum  {
  NONE = 0x0000000u,
  FIND_ALL = 0x0000002u,
  JIT_COMPILE = 0x0000004u
 These constants provide JPCRE2 options. More...


static void jassert (bool cond, const char *msg, const char *f, size_t line)
 JPCRE2 assert function. More...

Detailed Description

Top level namespace of JPCRE2.

All functions, classes/structs, constants, enums that are provided by JPCRE2 belong to this namespace while PCRE2 structs, functions, constants remain outside of its scope.

If you want to use any PCRE2 functions or constants, remember that they are in the global scope and should be used as such.

Typedef Documentation


typedef PCRE2_SIZE jpcre2::SIZE_T

Used for match count and vector size.

◆ Uint

typedef uint32_t jpcre2::Uint

Used for options (bitwise operation)

◆ Ush

typedef uint8_t jpcre2::Ush

8 bit unsigned integer.

◆ VecOff

typedef std::vector<SIZE_T> jpcre2::VecOff

vector of size_t.

◆ VecOpt

typedef std::vector<Uint> jpcre2::VecOpt

vector for Uint option values.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

These constants provide JPCRE2 options.


Option 0 (zero)


Find all during match (global match)


Perform JIT compilation for optimization.

Function Documentation

◆ jassert()

static void jpcre2::jassert ( bool  cond,
const char *  msg,
const char *  f,
size_t  line 

JPCRE2 assert function.

Aborts with an error message if condition fails.

condboolean condition
msgmessage (std::string)
ffile where jassert was called.
lineline number where jassert was called.